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Setting up a company on the Dubai mainland can be a profitable investment for individuals and businesses. Mainland companies, also known as Mainland Company Formation in the UAE, are those allowed to operate within the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A Dubai Mainland License is needed for businesses classified as commercial, professional, or sole establishments registered with the Dubai Economic Department (DET).

Having a Dubai mainland license provides the highest level of freedom and flexibility for running and expanding your business. The government has modified the laws and policies governing mainland businesses in the UAE. One crucial rule concerns the ownership share of the company.


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Business Consultation

At PRO, we understand that starting a business in Dubai, Mainland, can be a complex process. Our expert team simplifies the complex process, providing strategic advice and insights for a smooth and successful setup. From legal requirements to business plans, we’ve got you covered.

Office Space Solutions

Finding the correct office space is critical for your company’s success. Our experts can help you choose the best location for your company’s needs. We have a variety of alternatives to meet your needs and budget, whether you need a co-working area, a private office, or a customized arrangement. Allow us to assist you in creating a professional and productive workplace.

Trade Name

Your business name is the first impression you make. We assist you with registering your trade name, ensuring that it conforms with all requirements and is unique to your company. Our team will guide you through the process, helping you choose a name that reflects your brand identity and sets you apart in the competitive market.

Company Registration

The registration process is at the heart of your business formation in Dubai, Mainland. We streamline this process to make it more efficient and convenient. We manage the complexity of company formation, from drafting the appropriate documents to filing applications and negotiating with government agencies, so you can focus on growing your business.

Crafting Unique Solutions for Your Success

Welcome to PRO Smart Services, Your Gateway to Success in Dubai! At PRO, we take pride in crafting unique solutions for your success, and our expertise lies in seamlessly guiding you through the process of mainland company setup in the dynamic business landscape of Dubai. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the intricate details of local regulations and is committed to tailoring solutions that not only meet but exceed your business aspirations. From the initial consultation to the final establishment of your company, we are here to make your journey smooth, efficient, and, most importantly, successful.

Seamless Setup: Expert UAE Regulatory Guidance

We specialize in comprehensive LLC (Limited Liability Company) structure guidance,  expertly helping you through the complexities of building your organisation for maximum success. Our experienced team also provides crucial legal documentation support, ensuring that the relevant paperwork is not only completed correctly but also under the UAE authorities’ severe standards. Choose PRO Smart Business Services for a hassle-free business setup experience supported by unrivalled knowledge.

Package Selection

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(Ideal for individuals & freelancers)

AED 5,750


Get Professional License with 1 investor Visa & up to 5 Employee Visas

AED 28,499


Ideal for start-ups,SME’s & Entrepreneurs

AED 28,499

Why Choose Us?

Expertise in Mainland Regulations

Our seasoned personnel bring extensive knowledge of local legislation, ensuring your company complies with Dubai’s legal framework seamlessly.

Efficient License Processing

Trust us to speed up the licensing process, saving you time and money. Our streamlined method ensures that licenses are approved quickly and easily.

Strategic Location Advisory

Use our knowledge to effectively position your company in Dubai. Our market analysts will study market trends and direct you to the most favourable locations according to your industry and ambitions.

Local Market Understanding

Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the local market. We offer insights into consumer behaviour, market trends, and cultural nuances, enabling your company to prosper in Dubai’s dynamic economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a swift business setup in the UAE Mainland, follow these steps: Choose your activity, pick a structure, find a local partner (local partnership is required for certain activities and is mandatory for civil or sole establishment structures), reserve a name, get approvals, draft the MOA, rent an office, register with the DET, obtain a trade license, and complete other requirements. Dive into our detailed guide for business setup in the UAE Mainland for more insights.

Mainland company formation in Dubai typically involves having a local partner, leading to shared ownership. However, recent reforms indicate a trend towards permitting 100% foreign ownership in specific sectors. The necessity of a local partner is activity-dependent and mandatory for businesses with a legal structure of Civil or sole Establishment.

Mainland business licensing in the UAE takes a few steps: choose your activity and structure, register your name, get initial approval, draft legal documents, find a location, secure extra approvals (if needed), submit documents and pay fees, and finally, collect your official license. 


Choosing a business location in mainland UAE comes with exciting freedom, but some restrictions remain. Each emirate dictates where specific industries can operate (zoning), sensitive businesses face location limitations, and environmentally hazardous activities have dedicated zones. Respecting residential areas and cultural sensitivities is crucial too.

Mainland businesses in the UAE now face a 9% corporate tax on profits exceeding AED 375,000, except for resources, public benefit activities, and some free zone income. While free zones still offer zero tax within their boundaries, mainland transactions could be taxed.

Yes, businesses set up in mainland UAE can operate both within the country and internationally. However, it's essential to check your business activities, license scope, and compliance with regulations in the UAE and other countries. While remote operations are possible for some functions, it's crucial to verify with local authorities. Seek advice from professionals to navigate international business complexities and stay updated on regulations that may change.


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