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Diverse Market

Diverse Market

Diverse Market

Diverse Market

Reduced taxation

Dubai's offshore jurisdictions provide significant tax advantages for offshore enterprises. By opting for an offshore company setup in the UAE with PRO Smart Business Services, you may save money on taxes and keep more of your revenues. The tax-friendly climate in Dubai is intended to attract foreign enterprises by providing a competitive advantage in terms of financial efficiency.

Secure your intelligent property

Dubai places a high value on intellectual property rights protection. Choosing PRO Smart Business Services for offshore company registration in the UAE assures that your unique ideas, trademarks, and patents are protected by a strong legal framework. This dedication to intellectual property security improves the whole business environment, offering you peace of mind about the security of your valued assets.

Fewer restrictions

The offshore business arrangement in Dubai offers greater operational flexibility with fewer regulatory constraints. This means your company may run more efficiently, reacting to market changes and exploring new opportunities with fewer obstacles. Dubai's pro-business policies foster an atmosphere suitable for innovation, growth, and success for your offshore firm established in the UAE.

Access to tax treaties

One of the primary benefits of establishing an offshore business in Dubai is access to a network of international tax treaties, which facilitates cross-border trade and investment. The strategic position of Dubai, as well as its broad network of tax treaties, provides your offshore business incorporated in the UAE with a competitive advantage in the global market.

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Offshore for Your UAE Business

PRO Smart, a leading business setup firm with over a decade of experience, specializes in global company formations, including offshore Company Setup in UAE. Awarded the Most Outstanding Offshore Company, we assist thousands of clients in creating tailored companies. Our user-friendly online form, transparent pricing, and dedicated account managers ensure a swift, reliable, and confidential setup process. PRO Smart, a well-established business setup company with over a decade of experience, is your trusted partner for a seamless Offshore Company Setup in UAE and a comprehensive company formation journey. Our services encompass every stage of the process.

Package Selection

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(Ideal for individuals & freelancers)

AED 5,750


Get Professional License with 1 investor Visa & up to 5 Employee Visas

AED 28,499


Ideal for start-ups,SME’s & Entrepreneurs

AED 28,499

Frequently Asked Questions


Setting up an offshore business in the UAE involves selecting a registered agent, defining business activities, submitting documents through the agent, paying registration fees, and obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation. Afterward, complete offshore company registration, open a bank account and ensure ongoing compliance with regulations. Procedures may vary by jurisdiction, and consulting with a professional business setup service or legal advisor familiar with UAE offshore company registration is recommended for an efficient process.


Yes, in many offshore jurisdictions in the UAE, you can have full ownership of your business as a foreign investor. Offshore companies are designed to provide flexibility and privacy, allowing sole ownership or full control by the foreign shareholder. However, it's essential to check the specific regulations of the chosen offshore jurisdiction, as requirements may vary.

Offshore business licensing in the UAE includes selecting a registered agent, defining activities, submitting documents, paying fees, and obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation. Following this, open a bank account, ensure ongoing compliance, and consider variations based on the chosen offshore jurisdiction. For accurate guidance, consult with PRO Smart Business Services in UAE.

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