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Dubai Golden Visa: Eligibility Criteria and Application Process Explained

Table of Contents

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Investors and Entrepreneurs
    • Real Estate Investors
    • Specialized Talents and Researchers in Science & Knowledge
    • Outstanding Students and Graduates
    • Humanitarian Pioneers
    • Professionals
  • Application Process
    • Preliminary Steps and Required Documents
    • Submission of Application
    • Review and Approval Process
    • Visa Issuance and Renewal
  • Key Considerations and Tips
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Recent Updates and Changes
  • Further Resources

The Dubai Golden Visa is a game-changer within the UAE immigration landscape and is capturing a lot of interest from international investors, entrepreneurs, and global talents. A secure and long-term residency program, which will ensure that each of the residents gets a stable future from one of the most dynamic and prosperous cities in the world. To know about the eligibility criteria and the entire application process for Dubai Golden Visa, keep reading.

Eligibility Criteria

The Golden Visa UAE program offers varied categories of people who would like to benefit from the long-term residency scheme. Let’s dwell into each category of individuals:

1.Investors and Entrepreneurs

  • Minimum investment of AED 2 million in a new or existing company
  • Investment must be retained for at least three years
  • Eligible for a 10-year Golden Visa Dubai

2.Real Estate Investors

  • Minimum investment of AED 2 million in property
  • Investment must be retained for at least three years
  • Eligible for a 10-year Golden Visa Dubai

3.Specialized Talents and Researchers in Science & Knowledge

  • Recognized for outstanding achievements in their field
  • Endorsed by a government entity in the UAE
  • Eligible for a 10-year Golden Visa Dubai

Outstanding Students and Graduates

  • Minimum grade of 95% in public or private secondary schools in the UAE
  • Graduation from a university with a GPA of 3.8 or higher
  • Eligible for a 10-year Golden Visa Dubai

4.Humanitarian Pioneers

  • Recognized for significant humanitarian contributions
  • Endorsed by a government entity in the UAE
  • Eligible for a 10-year Golden Visa Dubai


  • Minimum monthly salary of AED 30,000
  • Must hold a valid employment contract in the UAE
  • Eligible for a 10-year Golden Visa Dubai
  • Minimum educational level of bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Application Process

The Golden Visa application process involves several steps and requires careful preparation. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

1.Preliminary Steps and Required Documents

  • Determine your eligibility category
  • Gather necessary documents (passport, Emirates ID, proof of investment/achievement, etc.)
  • Obtain endorsement from relevant government entities (if applicable)

2.Submission of Application

  • Create an account on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) portal
  • Complete the online application form
  • Upload required documents and pay the application fee

3.Review and Approval Process

  • ICA reviews the application and conducts necessary background checks
  • Additional documents may be requested for clarification
  • Upon approval, the applicant receives an electronic entry permit

4.Visa Issuance and Renewal

  • Applicant undergoes medical fitness test and biometric data capture
  • Golden Visa is issued and linked to the applicant’s passport
  • Renewal process initiated before the expiration of the visa

Key Considerations and Tips

Keep the following in mind when applying for the Golden Visa UAE:

  • Understand the financial commitments and maintain the required investment levels
  • Seek professional assistance from trusted consultants and legal experts
  • Stay updated on any changes in the eligibility criteria or application process

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the duration of the Golden Visa, and how can it be renewed?

The Golden Visa is issued for 5 years or 10 years, depending upon which category the applicant belongs to. Renewals would be subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria and submission of renewal application.

  1. Can family members be included in the Golden Visa?

Yes, the holder of the Golden Visa can sponsor their family members, such as a spouse, children, and parents. Members of the holder’s family receive permission for residency similar in time to the main holder.

  1. Is it possible to convert an existing visa to a Golden Visa?

Yes, with a valid UAE Residency Visa, people can apply for a Golden Visa. It mainly involves the cancellation of the existing Visa and applying for the Golden Visa Dubai.

  1. What are the financial thresholds for investment to qualify for a Golden Visa?

For investors and entrepreneurs, a minimum investment of AED 2 million in a new or existing company is required. For real estate investors, a minimum investment of AED 2 million in property. These investments must be retained for at least three years to maintain the Golden Visa Dubai status

  1. Can Golden Visa holders work and live anywhere in the UAE?

Yes, the UAE Golden Visa allows an open opportunity for work, residence, and issuance of a study permit within the United Arab Emirates. A Golden Visa from Dubai allows more than one entry into the country for the holder without sponsorship.

  1. How does the Golden Visa impact taxation for foreign nationals?

UAE, in general, does not make personal income tax liability on an individual, including Golden Visa holders in the UAE; although, it is very important that one takes advice from tax professionals who will guide you on any tax implications concerning your country of citizenship and the nature of income you get.

  1. Are there any language requirements for Golden Visa applicants?

There are no such strict language eligibility criterias for the Golden Visa Dubai. Knowledge of English or Arabic could only be used as an additional advantage by one to communicate with various government entities during the application process.

  1. What happens to the Golden Visa status if the investment is liquidated?

To hold a Golden Visa UAE status, it is required to keep an investment beyond the threshold amount for 3 years (investor) / for 3 years (real estate investor). If liquidation occurs prior to the end of the holding period, there is a risk that the Golden Visa Dubai could be canceled or not renewed. Professional advice is very important before making any changes in investment, just to have an idea of the repercussions of a Golden Visa.

Recent Updates and Changes

The Golden Visa for UAE program may evolve from time to time, so it’s crucial to stay informed about any updates or changes in the eligibility criteria or application process. The UAE government constantly reviews and enhances the program to attract and retain top talent and investors. Keep an eye on official announcements and trusted news sources for the latest information.

For more detailed information and personalized assistance, reach out to PRO Smart Business Services. We will guide you through the process, help you gather the necessary documents, and ensure a smooth and successful application experience.


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